Just think… People carrying around information about your business on one card during their vacations and business trips. We have the tools to assist in making this happen! We are simply a business that wants to better other businesses. We strive to be the first choice in advertising opportunities such as design and printing, tent and key cards and guest directories.

A benefit of choosing North American Directory Services is anyone who registers their business with us is eligible for free tent cards. These cards are an incredible way to market your business in hotels, restaurants or other public businesses. If you find that tent cards are not effective for you, then you can purchase our key cards. These key cards, present your business in a professional way on the back of keys for hotel rooms. This is an effective marketing method for people to take your business around with them and remember your name

When you chose our printing and design services, you are getting the full package. If we’re designing your brand or logo, we’re also making sure all copyright practices are in order. People have great ideas all the time, but someone may have the same great idea that you’ve had, but has patented it first. We also prevent someone from patenting your idea as well.

We start all our designs and logos from scratch. When you give us your idea and have it copyrighted, we’ll get your approval on a layout of colors and word fonts quickly. This will be the beginning of your official designed trademark or brand. Take advantage of our advertising design methods today!