Here at North American Directory Services, we’re a full service print and design company that’s focused on the hospitality industry. As a family owned, industry leader in hospitality print and design for guest directories, key cards, tent cards, and much more, you won’t find a better one stop hospitality source than right here. After 30 years of pursuing our passion, we’re determined to stay the industry leader. With our skilled professionals who display top notch customer service, our knowledgeable account executives who constantly strive to go above and beyond, our professional publishers, and a unwavering dedication to our customers, we’ve been able to remain a leader in the industry we love.

In-room marketing is crucial for your hotel or bed and breakfast. Even though your guest service representatives are telling your guests all about the amenities of your establishment during the check-in process, it’s pretty likely that they’re not going to retain much of what you’ve told them. They’re thinking about getting rid of their luggage, getting a drink at the bar, or whatever else their mind may be focused on. However, when they get into their room and settle down, their first question is probably, “What’s for dinner?” or “What’s for lunch?” This is where your in-room marketing comes into play. You can advertise your own establishment’s food amenities and local restaurants that you suggest. Guests love the ability to find where to eat or where to go shopping on their own with ease and that’s exactly what guest directories do.

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