“It’s hard to lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse.” Adlai E. Stevenson II

Where Mr. Stevenson’s quote is a bit of an offbeat head-scratcher, we believe it to mean that if you look to be a leader, in any situation, you better be ready to own it. Though many believe that leaders are in fact born and not made; at North American Directory Services, we know first-hand that leadership almost never comes easy and often comes in unexpected ways. Leadership is earned.

When Tim Ellinger was first approached with the idea of creating the first in-room hotel guest directory, he probably never foresaw the possibility that his serendipitous beginnings in the printing industry would produce a nationally-recognized, innovative group of products. Regardless of the fact that Tim’s previous experience was as far from the world of hospitality as possible, he owned the task. He approached the challenge with grit, creativity, enthusiasm and the same quest for excellence that he had always personified. He became the leader that the industry unknowingly needed.

Thirty years later, North American Directory Services is the unquestioned leader in the hospitality industry for printed and promotional goods. Internationally, more than 9,000 hotel and resorts trust NADS to provide the most effective and attractive guest directories, key cards, tent cards and printing services available. Providing advertising opportunities for entire communities, allowing the growth of businesses that thrive on the tourist population and their dollars. The same directories also make hotel guests stays convenient, giving them local information that would be difficult to attain elsewhere.

It is through the taking on of a leadership position that we’ve become the source of printed goods for the industry, and it is a position that we are proud of and strive to maintain on a daily basis. The entire North American Directory Services team believes that they deserve to lead the charge and we look forward to doing the same for you and your business.