As the hospitality industry’s number one source for guest directories and promotional print products, we use our company blog to help educate our partners and customers in the intricacies of printing and design and the industry itself. With that intent in mind, we came to wonder if our posts and information has had an effect at all. Is the information that we’ve included being used or remembered at all? So, just for fun, we’ve put a little quiz together about North American Directory Services and the guest directories we print and distribute. See how many of the following questions you can answer and make sure to follow up with us next month for the answers.

  1. When was NADS founded?
  2. How many hotel and resort locations does NADS service across the nation?
  3. How much revenue is generated by the hotel and hospitality industry every year in the US?
  4. What is the name of the original founder of North American Directory Services?
  5. Who oversees the operations of this family-run business now?
  6. How much does the average guest directory cost a hotel or motel?
  7. True or false: NADS creates only in-room guest directories for their clientele.
  8. Name two of the associations that NADS is recognized by?
  9. Where is NADS headquartered?
  10. True or false: Customers need to have company specs available when ordering print services.
  11. BONUS: What artist sold more than 37 million records the same year NADS was founded?

All the answers can be found on our website and within our blog posts, though we suspect that our more loyal clients and readers will know them from the top of their head. Good luck, have fun and remember NADS for all of your print and design needs.