There are truly so many benefits to having the Zonetail mobile guest directory app available to your guests that we had to extend our last post. The best part? We haven’t even started tell you what your customers are going to get out of this interface. Below you can uncover just a few more perks that will come with switching to mobile guest directories in your hotel.

Be an Expert on Your Neighborhooddreamstime_xxl_47971269

You want your guests to see your hotel as their gateway to the neighborhood, and ultimately the city in which you are located. This becomes difficult, however, when all you have to offer them is a few brochures and maps. When guests use the mobile directory they will have access to all the information they need and will feel more comfortable, as well as connected to their surroundings.

Control Content

Changing anything in an old print directory used to be such a pain as new info meant a ton of money being spent on printing out new pages or new directories as a whole. Now, whenever something about your hotel changes, you can update your app to reflect those changes immediately. No more time or money will be spent updating information that will likely be changing in coming months anyway.


Notifying guests of emergencies is one of your most important tasks as the operator of a hotel. Now, with the help of the mobile guest directory app, your guests can be alerted on their cell phones and tablets should an emergency occur while they are staying with you.

Maps, Maps, Maps

While printed maps can come in handy from time to time, an interactive map will make your guests’ experience even better. Not only will they be able to discover where popular spots like restaurants and shopping centers are located but they can also discover the best way to get around the city with transit, driving, biking and walking directions.


Check back soon to see what other amenities the mobile Zonetail directory application can provide to your hotel guests.