Sometimes as the owner/operator of a hotel it can be easy to forget the ins and outs of the vacation experience. While you are surrounded by people who are enjoying their travels constantly, the ins and outs of travel sometimes are hard to relate to. With this in mind, try to think about the last time you were visiting an unfamiliar town or city. Where did you get the majority of the information you needed regarding the hotel and surrounding areas? Chances are you were using your phone or tablet to plan out your trip. You likely searched on Google what restaurants, shopping centers and area attractions were around you, as this is what the majority of people do. Rather than having your guests use this method in the future, wouldn’t it be better if your hotel provided them with an app that could help them find the information they are looking to find? We think so!

The new Zonetail guest directory will benefit your guests in multiple ways, but that’s not all. Your hotel will also benefit greatly when you begin offering this mobile app to those staying at your establishment. Below you can discover just a few of the perks your hotel will be privy to should you give your guests access to a mobile directory.

Increase Revenue

dreamstime_xxl_35006396Your mobile app will give guests the ability to discover everything your hotel has to offer at the touch of a button. This means that any specials the hotel is offering at a given time will be shown to the user of the app frequently. This means offerings regarding food and beverage, hotel activities and other goings on will always be communicated to your guests without you having to do so directly. This is likely to increase the amount of money spent by those at your hotel, which in turn will increase revenue.

Reduce the Cost of Operation

Hotels are busy places and sometimes information can get skewed, which can confuse guests. With the mobile app, much of the communication between the hotel and those staying in it can be purely electronic. This will decrease the amount of human error, as well as the number of times a day guests will call the front desk to have their questions answered, increasing productivity of staff and reducing operation costs.

Rebooking Made Easy

When a hotel guest finds a chain they love staying at, they will likely return. When your guests have the mobile guest directory app on their phone, they can easily book their next vacation at one of your hotels quickly. This also will provide you with a way to pay less to booking channels like travel agents who often take a cut.

This app has so many benefits for your hotel that you will have to check back to our next post for the conclusion of this post. We, at North American Guest Directories are a big fan of giving you everything you need to ensure your hotel remains successful!