As the owner or operator of a hotel, or even a chain of them, you are surely always looking for ways to improve the experience of those who are staying at your establishment. After all, that’s the business you are in. While we, at North American Directory Services are big fans of print guest directories, we realize that the future is digital. Therefore, we need to switch up our strategy in order to provide your business, and your customers with the very best guest directory experience.

As we have mentioned in the past, we having been working very hard to launch a smartphone application that will allow us to do just that: enhance the enjoyability of the customer’s experience! We are excited to announce the launch of the future of hotel guest directories: the mobile app.


Not only does the new Zonetail application give guests access to an abundance of information right at their fingertips but it also will allow for you to communicate with those staying at your hotel much more effectively, quickly and frequently. We at NADS, believe that when people visit a new city or town, they are not simply interested in the amenities of the hotel they are staying, quite the contrary actually. Guests at your hotel are extremely interested in what the areas surrounding your hotel have to offer. With the new Zonetail app, they will have no problem being properly informed about restaurants, stores, landmarks, museums and more that are located in your city.


The Zonetail mobile guest directory includes many features such as pre-arrival upgrades, a rebooking tool, interactive GPS maps, push messaging and real time communication SMS texting. We will take a deeper look at everything this amazing mobile app has to offer in our next blog. For now, begin thinking how much time and money your business could save by upgrading to digital guest directories for your patrons. Be one of the first to use this amazing new tool and spoil the guests at your hotel with it.

In addition, this app is likely to help your hotel as a whole. With the Zonetail app, your guests will have the ability to review your place of business which will likely increase the number of positive reviews future guests will read. The app is also incredibly beneficial to your business’ budget. You know replacing guest directories when even a tiny change is needed can get expensive. Now, when anything regarding your amenities changes, you simply can make changes to the app, which won’t break your bank like printing new pages for your directories will. The app also offers 24/7 support to your guests, so if you are busy, chances are the app can help a guest regardless of the time of day.

Check back to the blog  soon for more information regarding the GuideAGuest app brought to you by Zonetail. North American Guest Directories is so excited to move your hotel’s guest directories into the future, one smartphone at a time.