When North American Directory first stepped into the guest directories publishing industry, the world was a much different place. Radio was ruled by Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince. The Oakland Raiders reigned the NFL as Super Bowl Champions and Ronald Reagan was President of the United States. The median price of an American home was just over $72,000, a Chevy Corvette would set you back just $23,000 and you could see a movie for just $2.50. The personal computer was born and Tetris became a video game addiction for many. 1984 was also the year that the non-smoking hotel room was introduced, by Choice Hotels, and Embassy Suites debuted as the nation’s first all-suite hotel chain. The world has changed immensely in 30 years, from technology to pop culture, yet our initial commitment to providing the very best in hospitality informational media remains the same.

Our dedication to our relationship with our hospitality and advertising clients is the fuel that has helped propel us to the top of the industry, where we serve more than 9,000 hotel and resort properties throughout the nation. Though 30 years of experience and innovative technologies have helped us to improve our processes and offer more products and services to our clients, our focus has always been keenly aimed at servicing our clients in the best manner possible. Saving the industry untold dollars, and providing the best possible means to local advertisers to target the American traveler, our products are the standard for excellence for competitors and customers alike. Every guest services directory, tent card, key card and custom door hanger we create is done so with the finest attention to detail and the highest of product quality. Discover the NADS difference by contacting us now at 1-800-721-3248.