Keep Your Customers Informed.

Completely customizable, these handy, full-color stands are an excellent way to display current TV Channels, property amentities, room policies, menus, or just about anything else. Place them beside the TV or in any other convenient location.

Free Tent Cards

So long as you have a sponsor for your tent cards, you can receive these cards for free as well as additional tent cards every year! According to a Gallup Report, guests pay attention to in-room items 84% more than any other advertising medium. Tents are an excellent advertising opportunity, available to potential customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Why purchase them when you can get them for free?

With a market base of over 9000 properties, our guest directory products and hotel printing services are second to none.  From the advertiser’s perspective, this is another opportunity to gain additional income through a proven advertising medium. Our renewal rate on advertisers each year is 93%, which speaks volumes on the effectiveness of this form of advertising.  From the perspective of a motel, hotel or resort, it is a cost effective way to save money at your property.

Paid Tent Cards

Want to purchase tent cards without advertising? No problem. We offer competitive pricing on all hotel and resort key cards, whether customized or to brand standards. Most properties find our pricing to be 50% or more off what the competition is charging!

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