At North American Directory Services we design and produce a number of tent cards for businesses all over the country. If you are unfamiliar with tent cards and why they are important however, you may not be inclined to have some made for your business. So let’s go over the basics.Tent-Drinks

Tent Cards or Table Tents are triangular table displays that give information to those who are staying in a hotel, visiting a restaurant or patronizing a business. They often advertise products and services or conversely promote discounts or specials being offered currently at the establishment. Most often they are made with cardstock that has predetermined fold lines to make the process of putting them places extremely easy. The two sides that show are both used for promotional reasons whereas the third side is used as a base.

The appeal of these advertising tools is purely due to the visibility they allow for. Another great aspect of table cards is that the design and content included on them is entirely decided by the client or business they are representing.

North American Directory Services also provides tent cards to you absolutely free if your business has a sponsor. Our work in unmatched and you are sure to see an influx of spending when it comes to whatever it may be that you are advertising on your tent cards once they are placed in their desired location.

Contact North American Directory Services today to place an order for your tent cards or to learn more about the other services we provide to hotels and commercial businesses alike.