It’s not hard to see the correlation between hotel guests and local service expenditure. Those who actively market to the transient population in their areas by advertising in local hotel guest directories experience increased business. Local services, restaurants, and entertainment or sports venues all benefit from advertising directly to those guests actively seeking out their product or service. Hotel guests have to eat. They prefer to be entertained and they sometimes need assistance. Having your business information readily available for them when they are looking for it in their hotel room is a surefire way to generate business through that hotel.

As the leading in-room guest directory publisher, North American Directory Services can help get your business message in front of a population that otherwise would not have access to that information. Hotel/motel directories have been used by hotel guests as a primary source of local information for more than 20 years and continues to be relied upon by travelers across the nation. If your business is seeking to tap into this captive audience, contact us at 970-663-5445 for information on how to advertise in the most trusted and used hotel directories available.