1. Are You Offering What Your Guests Really Want?

    In 2013, there existed more than 52,000 hotel properties in the United States, according to the American Hotel and Lodging Association; and that's just counting those properties that included 15 or more guest rooms. No wonder the need to stand out and make memorable stays for guests has taken on such high importance. Just to keep rooms filled, and accounting ledgers reading in the black, hotels an…Read More

  2. Tapping into the Tourist Industry

    It’s not hard to see the correlation between hotel guests and local service expenditure. Those who actively market to the transient population in their areas by advertising in local hotel guest directories experience increased business. Local services, restaurants, and entertainment or sports venues all benefit from advertising directly to those guests actively seeking out their product or ser…Read More

  3. Why NADS is the Choice for Guest Directories

      How can you make your business stand out among the other hotels, motels and resorts? This is a questions many businesses ask themselves. There is help out there from North American Directory Service. Our goal is to help you provide your customers with the best and most informational brochures, hospitality, print and design needs. With our expertise of 20 years we understand your business an…Read More

  4. Your One Stop Hospitality Source For Guest Directories

    Here at North American Directory Services, we're a full service print and design company that's focused on the hospitality industry. As a family owned, industry leader in hospitality print and design for guest directories, key cards, tent cards, and much more, you won't find a better one stop hospitality source than right here. After 30 years of pursuing our passion, we're determined to stay the i…Read More

  5. Does Your Message Reflect the Reality of Your Business?

    As a marketing and printing company that specializes in guest services directories for the hotel industry, we often see marketing and advertising messages that don't reflect the true nature of the business itself. In this day and age, when we're bombarded by marketing messages all day long through a variety of media resources and opportunities, making sure that your message is heard, effective and…Read More

  6. Market Directly to Travelers with In-Room Guest Directories

    With the hotel and lodging industry generating approximately $163 billion in 2013, it remains one of America's largest revenue generating service industries and it only continues to grow. Hotel and lodging reservations experienced an increase of more than 5% over 2012. This increase helps create jobs and stimulates local economies in a variety of ways. Though the differences between business and l…Read More