If you already have a guest directory at your hotel then you may think you won’t have to have new ones made anytime in the near future. After all, they do the job and provide your gueshotel roomts with the information they need in order for their trip to be the most enjoyable, right? Although this may be true, guest directories are only helpful when they are thorough and easy to navigate. That being said, businesses that are truly interested in making their customers as happy as possible realize that having one guest directory that informs their clients of what is happening in areas near all year long is not the best route to take.

A smarter approach can be accomplished one of two ways. 1) Your guest directories should highlight activities and attractions per season or 2) your guest directories should highlight activities and attractions according to weather(ie: a spring/summer directory and a fall/winter directory).

Having hotel guest directories that are specific to a certain time of year make guest feel as though they are being considered in your planning. Almost as if the directory itself was designed specifically for their visit at your hotel. having customers feel this way is without a doubt something you want, not to mention something that will lead to the same guests speaking well of their visits to others and considering you in the future when they are traveling.

If you have been considering upgrading your guest directories to make them more in depth and specific to your community’s seasonal happenings, get your free quote from North American Directory Services today!