Screenshot_24Ever visit a new city or town and have absolutely no idea where to start as far as seeing all the attractions goes? Not only that, but when you are in a new place you likely want to experience it fully. This means eating at the best restaurants, visiting scenic areas that are more well known to locals and shopping at all of the stores unique to your destination. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Most people will resort to searching for such things on the internet, but even that isn’t necessarily going to give you the information you are looking to find. So what do you do?

Introducing the GuideUrGuest App

dreamstime_xxl_25333164You are surely familiar with guest directories that are available in hotel rooms. Well now, you can carry a mobile version of one while you are exploring a new place. Not only will the GuideUrGuest application give you the ability to find the best restaurants, boutiques, tourist attractions and more, but it will also be a direct line of communication with the hotel at which you are staying. You will be alerted of check-in and check-out times as well as any emergencies that may occur while you are occupying a room.

Additionally, you will be able to view maps of the area you are visiting so that you always know where you are as well as where you heading. Never worry about feeling out of place in a new city ever again when you have the GuideUrGuest app on your phone.

This application is available for Android® or Apple® phones and is sure to make travel much easier in every aspect. Download the app today and make every trip you take even more enjoyable.