If 1984 doesn’t seem like that long ago, think about these tidbits: A gallon of gas cost just $1.10; the median price of a home in the US was about $72,400, and the average wage earner brought home about $21,600 a year. Michael Jackson sells more than 37 million copies of “Thriller” and Americans flocked to the movies and paid $2.50 a ticket to see “Ghostbusters” and “The Karate Kid”. Feel old yet? No? Magnum PI and Cheers were among the most popular series on TV. And the world turned their eyes towards the English royal family when Princess Diana gave birth to Prince Harry. Yeah, we thought that would do it.

A lot has changed in the last 30 years, but what hasn’t is our continuing commitment to excellence. Though fads and fashions come and go, and prices and wages rise and fall; our goal of providing the hospitality industry with the very best printed and promotional products remains the same. It is with the same determined focus of founder Tim Ellinger’s, that we approach this mission. By supplying the world’s most respected and recognizable hotel organizations with guest directories, key cards, tent cards, maps, door hangers and other print products, we’ve become a preferred and trusted vendor, recommended by leading industry boards and associations.

With an eye for superior products, backed by first-rate customer care, the team at North American Directory Services uses every bit of the experience and knowledge gained from 30 years of dedication to being the best and applies that to every single customer request. Discover the difference 30 years of focus and determination creates by allowing us to do what we do best for your hotel or resort. Call us at 970-663-5445 for a comprehensive consultation meant to suit you and your particular needs.