1. Promote Special Offers With Print Materials From NADS

    Regardless of the type of business you are running there are always going to be special offers for clients or customers to enjoy from time to time. If you own a spa, this may be something like offering a free massage to anyone who purchases another service. Or perhaps you own a clothing store and are having a flash sale the weekend before Thanksgiving. Regardless of the deal you are providing to t…Read More

  2. NADS Knows of Ways To Advertise You May Not Have Considered

    Finding new and exciting ways to advertise at your hotel can be a struggle. After all, you’ve already put so much time and energy into having an amazing guest directory designed. What more can you do? North American Directory Services luckily has a few suggestions if you are starting to hit a wall concerning new ways to promote your business or other businesses you are in partnership with in you…Read More

  3. Tent Cards: Your Business’ Best Bet For Advertising

    At North American Directory Services we design and produce a number of tent cards for businesses all over the country. If you are unfamiliar with tent cards and why they are important however, you may not be inclined to have some made for your business. So let’s go over the basics. Tent Cards or Table Tents are triangular table displays that give information to those who are staying in a hotel, …Read More