In 2013, there existed more than 52,000 hotel properties in the United States, according to the American Hotel and Lodging Association; and that’s just counting those properties that included 15 or more guest rooms. No wonder the need to stand out and make memorable stays for guests has taken on such high importance. Just to keep rooms filled, and accounting ledgers reading in the black, hotels and resorts are having to come up with more and more creative ways to get their favored guests coming back throughout the year, every year. However, though hotels and resorts are reaching into their collective back pockets, pulling out more amenities and guest offerings, surveys show that what attracts guests include much of the same things they always have. By not only focusing on these basics and extras, but by focusing on them through their marketing efforts, hotels can not only attract more guests, but keep them coming back, and referring them, year after year. What guests say they really want during their stay includes

  • Free WiFi – More than any other single amenity, free wireless internet ranked as most important amenity among people surveyed. With the importance of being constantly connected being more and more of a priority for almost all of us, internet connectivity took on a new level of importance for both hotels and guests. As a hotel marketing manager, make sure to always stress this point in your print advertising, your guest directories, your website and even at your front desk.
  • Free breakfast – Free food, readily available is always a perk for both busy business travelers and vacationing families. Recently, this expectation of food included in the price of the room has extended far beyond morning hours however. Guests are much more likely to remember your facility, and their stay, if you give them what they want – and that includes happy hours and wine tastings and free snacks available throughout the day. Oh, and 43% of those surveyed said they appreciate complimentary water bottles in their rooms.
  • The basic, but convenient essentials – Besides getting what they can for free, hotel guests simply want their stay to be somewhat convenient. These conveniences include an in-room safe, power adapters, personal grooming essentials and the use of robes.