Chances are, between work and family, you don’t get to take vacations very often. In fact, it’s probably a pleasant surprise to you if you get to take one vacation a year. While taking a trip to somewhere far away from your worries is supposed to be relaxing, it actually causes many people a lot of stress. It is not uncommon to hear people say that they are in need of a vacation after their vacation due to the worrying, planning and sheer work that goes into a getaway. Follow the tips below to avoid the stress and instead get pure bliss from your trip away from everyday life.

  1. Figure out why your vacations stress you out.dreamstime_9294834

    Believe or not, the infrequency at which you take vacations is likely contributing to how stressed out you are when you do go abroad. You want every single detail to be taken care of because it is the only time you’ll get away from the office and all of your responsibilities. Try arranging for a vacation at least twice a year to take some of the pressure off yourself and your trip in general.

  2. Extend your stay.

    While you might want to try to cram all of your relaxation into a three day trip, this isn’t the most beneficial way to plan a vacation. According to research, 10 days is the ideal length of time to be on vacation. It gives you enough time to travel, explore and relax.

  3. Let someone else plan your trip.

    Planning a vacation just adds to the amount of stress you are experiencing. The good news? You don’t have to do it. Hire a travel agency to take on the burden of planning and don’t worry about a thing other than what to pack the day before you depart.

  4. Pick somewhere underrated.

    No one wants to spend their vacation in a location that is crawling with tourists. Choose a destination that won’t be jam packed with people who want to do all the same activities as you and your family.

  5. Make an itinerary.

    What is there to stress about when you know how you will be spending all of your time? Planning ahead will save you headaches during your actual trip. And if one of your plans falls through, well that leaves time for a spontaneous adventure, or even a nap (not too shabby, huh?).

  6. Work here and there while on your vacation.

    Many people are confused by this tip as they believe that in order to fully relax on a vacation you have to neglect work entirely. While this method is good in theory, it doesn’t exactly work out. You see, even if you are avoiding checking your email or even getting onto your laptop, chances are you will still be thinking about everything you are missing out on, or getting behind on at the office anyway. Set aside thirty minutes to an hour of each day to check out what is happening at work so that you don’t stress yourself out worrying, and so you won’t be nearly as far behind when you return to your job at the end of your vacation.

  7. Take advantage of vacation technology.

    Downloading applications like the GuideUrGuest app will surely make your trip less stressful. Know all of the attractions and amenities available to you via this online mobile hotel directory, and never spend hours wandering around an unfamiliar city or town ever again. This app is available for both Android® and Apple® phones, as well as tablets so that you can take all the information you need about your vacation destination with you no matter where you are heading.

  8. Be proud of yourself for taking time away.

    It is often hard not to feel guilty about taking a vacation. After all, your daily life requires a lot of you and stepping away from your responsibilities can often feel as though you are neglecting them. However, as we just mentioned, your daily life requires A LOT of you. Reward yourself for all that you do by choosing a destination and buying your plane ticket today. Some relaxation and adventure might be exactly what you need! What are you waiting for? You know you owe yourself a fantastic vacation!